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Selling your car has never been easier. Car Dough is a leading nationwide car buying platform for private party consumers to sell their car, truck or SUV in any condition, hassle free. Over 20,000 dealers use our platform to buy cars from consumer. When dealers compete, you win.

Frequently asked questions

  • How long does it take to sell my car?

    Once your inspection is done, your car will go into our platform immediately where dealers can make offers to purchase your car.  Typically we will start to receive offers within 24 hours. We will keep you updated through the whole process. You can choose to accept an offer or wait for more offers. You are under no obligation to accept an offer or sell your car with us unless you get the offer you need. 

  • How does the inspection process work?

    Our inspector will reach out to schedule an appointment that is convenient for you and at a location that is convenient for you. The inspector will look at the mechanical aspects of the car, the overall condition of the car, including the paint, Interior, and frame. They will also do a short test drive and take photos of the car. The whole process takes about 30 minutes. 

  • How does Car Dough know what my car is worth?

    We use various sources of real time market data based on actual sales happening around the country at wholesale dealer-to-dealer auction channels and local supply and demand.  We use this information to get you an estimated market range for what you should expect if you sell your car on our platform.  Of course, if your car is in demand it may even bring a premium. 

  • How does Car Dough make money?

    Unlike other car buying services, we do not turn around and sell your car to the highest bidder after we purchase your car. Instead, we let dealers compete over your car, so you get the most out of your car.  We take a modest fee based on the sales price of the car for our services.

  • Why should I sell with Car Dough vs selling to a dealership or just selling it myself?

    We guarantee you will make more selling your car on our platform vs selling it to a dealership or one of our competitors.  We offer a hassle free way to sell your car at top market value within days all from the comfort of your own home. When dealers compete, you win. 

  • Can I have my car picked up at my home or office?

    Yes, once you accept an offer and your car sells, our transportation team will work with you to get your car picked up at a location that is most convenient for you.

  • How am I paid once my car sells?

    We pay via company check or wire transfer once we have received the title for the car.  We will not pick up the car until you are paid in full. 

  • How do I know if Car Dough is in my area?

    We currently have inspectors in over 160 markets around the country.  Unless you live somewhere remote, we can likely sell your car on our platform. 

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